| Aeolian Islands

katephotomountainI just had a wonderful side trip to the Aeolian islands, an archipelago off the coast of Sicily. Lipari, Salina, Panarea Stromboli. Salina was my favorite, small, lush, dramatic, romantic. In a way a European edition of St. Kitts. Salina is known for growing capers, a small hardy pretty bush with a sweet smelling white flower. The capers flavor pasta, salads, fish, everything and is often used with fresh mint. Malvaisa wine is produced on the volcanic slopes and one night I had a glass of wine on the terrace of an old mellow hotel and watched the  nearby volcano Stromboli light up like a cigar. One brilliant orange flame on a very black night. Quite eerie. The next day I went over to Stromboli in a fast speed boat. We passed directly under the roaring volcano with rock and dust spewing down the sheer face to the sea. What a sight. Afterwards, I did a couple of sketches which I hope to turn into big canvases one day.