| Gray Dominos: inspiration


Kate loves ‘game’ images and was inspired by the shouts and bangs of the dominos when played in the streets. Visitors to the West Indies are sure to be surprised by the ‘banging’ of the dominos — it’s quite loud! Some men playing on the ferry to Nevis…


| Rum punch


A good rum punch is a rare treat in the Caribbean. I am particularly particular — needs glistening chunks of ice sprinkled with fresh nutmeg, little pinky golden swirl of Angostura Bitters. It looks and smells so enticing… The ingredients are quite simple really:

Shot of good quality rum (I suggest Mount Gay old)

Freshly squeezed sour orange (or limes, but sour orange is nicer)

Splash of brown sugar syrup

Dash of Angostura bitters


Sprinkling of fresh nutmeg



| kate design art scarves


I once read a wonderful quote from Sacheverell Sitwell (1947) about scarves and it pleased me because I love the idea of clothes having romance, a story attached and something more individual, especially a scarf.

The Quote:
“A scarf is admittedly not a tapestry, not a dress, it is a mere square of silk, or some other material to be worn around the head. But it can be treated as a work of art. It can be collected like a rare book or a print.”