| Sicilia for a year

I arrived last week in Syracusa, Sicilia. I flew in late afternoon over Mount Etna as the new moon twinkled excitement and adventure. I love traveling by myself.


Today is the patron saint of Syracusa, Sant Lucia and I can hear deep booming church bells in the Piazza and the crowds beginning to gather for the celebrations. Poor Lucy, made a saint after giving away all her jewels to the poor and annoying her fiancé. She then refused to obey orders and so sacrificed herself to the gods. There’s a marvelous Carravaggio in the church depicting her gouged out eyes on a plate in front of her….gift of light, eyesight etc. all very macabre.

I have rented a small apartment on the city wall by the sea. Next week I search for an easel and set up my new studio ready for sketching.


Already I see so many girls wearing scarves, big drapey scarves over the more or less black uniform. It is quite chilly here so color will arrive with the warmth I imagine…or will it?